Driving instruction in English

Riis Køreskole


At RIIS Driving School, we have been providing driving instruction in English for many years and have extensive experience in this type of instruction. We have access to several teaching systems, which you will also have the opportunity to use. We offer English courses several times a year.

To obtain a driver's license, you must complete mandatory instruction consisting of 29 theory lessons and 24 practical lessons. The theory and driving aspects should be integrated to ensure a connection between theory and practice. Theory classes typically take place on Friday mornings.

You should expect the process of obtaining a driver's license through our English courses to take approximately 5 months. When deciding to start the driver's license process, ensure that you are available and not scheduled to work during the theory sessions. Driving schedules can be arranged individually with the driving instructor.

Driving lessons take place during normal working hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If alternative times are desired, these should be agreed upon with the driving school before starting.

You are required to have first aid training specifically for driving, and we can assist you in making contact for this. Additionally, a medical certificate must be obtained to have your driver's license application approved.

You have the option to choose automatic transmission (code 78). This solution can be advantageous for those who find it challenging to operate gears and the clutch, in addition to managing other aspects simultaneously. The benefit of this solution is that you can focus on the traffic and maintain full control. Once it becomes automated, it may be easier to incorporate the elements of clutch and gear operation. In many cases, this can potentially save some additional driving hours in the overall driver's license process.

Code 78 is expected to be phased out by 2024, allowing you to drive with automatic transmission without restrictions.

The driving instructors

The permanent team at RIIS Driving School are almost all local people who live in the area and have their daily routine in the local area. We want to be able to look our customers in the eye, even when they have finished with us. Our task is to guide you safely through the driving course. And since practicing in traffic is here and now experiences/experiences, it will also make demands on our students' attention and commitment. That is why you can also expect us to be real, honest and friendly to you when you come to us at the driving school... We will be here next year and the next year and the next... we have actually been here for more than 40 year. All driving instructors at Riis Køreskole are members of Dansk Kørelærer-Union.

Billede af KJELD RIIS
Driving instructor, owner


I became a driving instructor in 1998 and took over the driving school from my father in 2003. I have a basic pedagogical education and teach in all categories. I am also a first aid instructor.

Driving instructor


I was trained as a driving instructor for passenger cars back in 2009 and have worked at Riis Køreskole ever since. I teach passenger cars and have quite a few classes with recovery.

Driving instructor


Driving instructor